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Luhai Pro-environment: Resource recycling application system service provider

Luhai Pro-environment is a technology-led innovative environmental protection enterprises, committed to resource recycling application system & service providing.

Luhai Pro-environment was listed in NEEQ in December 2015 with the stock code of 834562. The company has four subsidiaries - Zhangzhou Luhai Environmental Protection Industry Development Co., Ltd., Xiamen Luhai-Refine Co.,Ltd., Xiamen Green Icon Technology Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong Onewaste International Limited. Over the years in the field of environmental protection and after more than 10 years of efforts to develop, it became one of the first companies in resource recycling application system service to be listed in NEEQ.

Luhai Pro-environment relies on years of accumulated independent research and development of waste composite material recycling technology, and is committed to building the whole life cycle of the ecological system of "waste collection - recycling - material research and development - product application". Take milk boxes and beverage cups for example, we recycle composite packaging materials such as discarded milk boxes and beverage cups and with Luhai’s independently researched and developed patented technologies, the collected materials can be separated into recycled pulp, recycled plastic and recycled aluminum scrap. And then through the use of high-value technology, they are made into formaldehyde-free ecological wood-plastic products which are widely used in outdoor leisure plank road, tables and chairs, decorative building walls, etc. In the life of residents. At the same time, through the online "Luhai Re-fine" official account on wechat, we interact with offline business in recycling and formed an associated application system - "from waste recycling to finished products”.

The company's current main raw materials for recycling include milk cartons, beverage cups, coffee bags and other waste composite packaging materials. We separate these materials and recycle them into plastics, pulp and aluminum scraps. The three kinds of recycled products are of good quality, stable performance, and can be substitution of part of the primary materials. Recycled plastic pellets are mainly used in foaming, masterbatch, aluminum-plastic board, wood-plastic composite and in other industries; recycled pulp is mainly used in shoe board, cardboard, tissue paper, copy paper, etc .; recycled aluminum scraps are used in the production of air-entrapping concrete brick and other building materials.

Luhai Pro-environment, after years of accumulation, has formed a professional R & D team. With more innovative technologies, we have nearly 20 patents on waste composite material processing technology, processing technology and high-value utilization technology of recycled materials, and are in the leading position in China. And in April 2012, we passed the ISO9001-2008 quality management system certification and ISO14001-2004 environmental management system certification.

Integrity, passion, cooperation and innovation, has always been upheld as the leading concepts of Luhai. Luhai people will continue to innovate in technology, improve its services, develop more renewable resources that can be used to develop and improve the cycle of application service system so as to contribute their strength for the protection of the environment with the action to make the world a better place!

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